High-precision, rapid and reliable, our adhesives are an essential component of the electronics industry

Meeting the Needs of the Electronics Industry

Born2Bond adhesives enable high-precision, rapid and reliable bonding, sealing, potting and encapsulation of electronic components of all sizes, including those of minuscule proportions. 

The comprehensive range provides solutions for diverse requirements, including multiple viscosities; open times ranging from seconds to minutes (for manufacturing lines that require high initial strength bonding and/or an extended handling window); fast curing times – as well as solutions designed for automated dispensing (such as jetting, swirl-spraying and beading).

Born2Bond offers adhesive formulations specifically designed to withstand the effects of vibration, impact, chemicals and oils, and that maintain the bond throughout the lifespan of the product. Their tight sealant properties are waterproof and dustproof, helping to protect the delicate workings of electronic devices. The range also includes industry-leading low blooming adhesives that provide a precise bondline and high-quality finish.

Non-solvent based, low odor and WL Anaerobic options play their part in making Born2Bond a more sustainable and safer choice for use in electronics production processes.

      Industry Challenges
      • Mass production
      • Clean production rooms and maintenance facilities
      • Bonding of diverse range of materials
      • Aesthetics
      • Sealing
      • Durability
      • Cost-efficiencies
      • Sustainability
      Typical Applications
      • Audio equipment and modules including external and integrated loudspeakers, headsets, hearing aids, other wearables
      • Handheld and wearable devices including smartphones, tablets, smart watches, AR helmets, e-glasses
      • Automotive electronics systems including infotainment and ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems)

      Samples are available upon request. Product availability and packaging might vary region by region – please consult with local sales team and customer service.