Born2Bond products are designed for use in multiple industries, covering a wide range of applications


Mass production and miniaturization of electronic devices calls for faster, stronger and more precise bonding processes. The formulation of Born2Bond’s range of high-performance, fast-curing ‘by-the-dot’ instant adhesives enable them to be applied in a mass-production environment. These low-bloom bonding solutions also offer significant aesthetic benefits for high-end electronics, reducing the risk of spoilage and waste.

Typical applications include: speakers, headsets, smartphones, automotive instrument panels.



Automotive OEMs are increasingly specifying engineering adhesives in place of traditional welding or mechanical fasteners. Quicker and easier to apply, contemporary adhesives accelerate production processes, enable a more aesthetic finish and help to reduce the weight of assembled parts. Born2Bond’s fast-curing, high-performance adhesives are suitable for structural and non-structural automotive assemblies and repair, on multiple surface materials including metal, glass, leather, rubber and plastic. Heat and chemical resistant, bonds using our adhesives are less likely to corrode or fail. Further, with the benefit of being low bloom and low odor, the Born2Bond range is suitable use in vehicle interiors.

Typical applications include: bodywork, interior trim, electronic equipment, batteries, repairs.



Producers of premium goods and high-end packaging apply meticulous attention to ensure long-lasting performance and a perfect finish. Born2Bond instant adhesives provide durable bonding with a low-bloom feature that ensures the appearance of the end product is not compromised. Our commitment to sustainability and to protecting the wellbeing of our customers’ workforce is reflected in our low-energy production processes and development of low-odor adhesives for user safety. Suitable for small production runs and hand application, these adhesives bond a variety of substrates including metal to metal, metal to glass and glass/plastic to leather.

Typical applications include: perfume and liquor bottles, leather shoes and bags, jewelry.



Equipment failure can compromise worker safety and productivity. Born2Bond engineering adhesives provide rapid bonding solutions that extend asset life and can be used ‘in situ’, reducing downtime. Developed for use on multiple surface materials and a diverse range of maintenance tasks, these instant adhesives repair issues caused by mechanical damage, fatigue, or exposure to heat or chemicals. Low odor, they also help employers meet their duty of care towards the health and safety of workers.

Typical maintenance and repair applications include: plastic and rubber parts, surface restoration and coating, bearings, couplings, seals, cables, threaded connections.


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