Medical Devices

Safe and reliable, our fast-curing adhesives enable precision bonding

Meeting the Needs of the Medical Industry

Born2Bond adhesives are used by medical manufacturers across a wide variety of out-of-body applications. Safe, durable and able to resist exposure to chemicals and ranges of temperature, these adhesives have become an essential element in the production of advanced medical devices and surgical equipment where compatibility with medical-grade plastics and compliance with regulations are paramount.

Their superior quality enables precise bond lines, while their low bloom properties meet manufacturers’ aesthetic requirements. The strength and flexibility of Born2Bond adhesives ensure reliable bonding and sealing of assembled parts and facilitates media-tight seals, preventing unwanted ingress or leakage of liquids or gas.

Suitable for application in clean production facilities, these fast-curing adhesives can be used in automated dispensing equipment for precise by-the-dot application, safeguarding quality and increasing productivity.

Non-solvent based, low odor and WL Anaerobic options contribute to increased safety and sustainability within medical manufacturing.

Industry Challenges
  • Biocompatibility
  • Bonding of diverse materials
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • High precision
Typical Applications
  • Needles, syringes and catheters
  • Tube sets and masks
  • Electronic medical devices e.g. hearing aids
  • Medical equipment e.g. scanners

Samples are available upon request. Product availability and packaging might vary region by region – please consult with our local sales team and customer service.


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