Luxury Goods

Ideal for premium goods that demand a fine finish, our adhesives are in a class of their own

Meeting the Needs of the Luxury Goods Industry

Born2Bond engineering adhesives have key advantages for use in the production of luxury goods. These advantages include instant adhesive low blooming options that ensure strong bonding without compromising the visual appearance or quality of the end product, and low odor formulations that create safer working conditions and reduce the risk of lingering odors on the finished item.

Whether applied manually or semi-automatically in small production runs, or via high-precision by-the-dot processes using automated dispensing equipment, Born2Bond adhesives will reliably bond a variety of substrates, including metal-to-glass and metal-to-metal.

High profile luxury brands are seeking increased sustainability across their supply chain, and the availability of non-solvent based and WL Anaerobic options within the range make a positive contribution to this drive.

Industry Challenges
  • Aesthetics
  • High precision
  • Bonding of diverse range of materials
  • Durability
  • Cost-efficiencies
  • User safety
  • Sustainability
Typical Applications
  • Perfume & liquor bottles and packaging
  • Jewellery, glasses and watches
  • Chandeliers and luxury furniture items
  • Automotive and other interiors
  • Leather and other aesthetic materials goods including shoes and bags
  • Repair & maintenance works

Samples are available upon request. Product availability and packaging might vary region by region – please consult with local sales team and customer service.


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