Lightweight and versatile, our high-performance adhesives keep the industry moving forward

Meeting the Needs of the Automotive Industry

Born2Bond’s fast-curing, high-performance adhesives are suitable for structural and non-structural automotive assemblies and repair. They can be used with high-precision dispensing systems on multiple surface materials including metal, glass, leather, rubber, plastic, composites and alloys.

Structurally safer, faster and more lightweight than spot welding, Born2Bond engineering adhesives offer long term durability. Resistant to vibration, impact, chemicals and extremes of temperature, they are a reliable, cost-effective alternative to mechanical fastening, welding and other sealing technologies.

The environment and heat resistant properties of these engineering adhesives make them particularly suitable for modern vehicles, where reliability of range and safety are paramount. And unlike spot welds, an adhesive bond maintains the majority of its strength throughout the vehicle’s life.

Born2Bond engineering adhesives facilitate high-precision by-the-dot application using automated dispensing equipment, helping to increase quality and productivity, reduce adhesive consumption and weight of assembled parts.

With a range of solutions that are low bloom and low odor, Born2Bond adhesives are also ideal for use in vehicle interiors, helping to meet the demand for a high quality, aesthetic finish.

Non-solvent based and WL Anaerobic options play their part in making Born2Bond a more sustainable and safer choice for use in automotive production processes.

Industry Challenges
  • Bonding of diverse range of materials
  • Weight reduction
  • Durability
  • Cost-efficiencies
  • Aesthetics
  • Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Sustainability
Typical Applications
  • Lightweight plastic and composite parts including bumpers, lighting, interior trim
  • Electronics, panel instruments, audio speakers, infotainment, ADAS, sensors, connecting equipment and devices
  • Powertrain components including engine, gearbox, suspension, electric motors
  • Batteries, battery management systems, power conversion systems

Samples are available upon request. Product availability and packaging might vary region by region – please consult with local sales team and customer service.


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