Loosens rusted, corroded and seized parts


Now with 360° valve for use at any angle!

Born2Bond Seez-Release uses a thermal freeze shock effect to loosen rusted, corroded and seized parts within machinery - diffusing directly into rust by capillary force. 

360° Valve icon
360° Valve
Capillary Effect to<br /> Penetrate in Parts icon
Capillary Effect to
Penetrate in Parts
Release of Corroded<br /> Parts by Freeze Shock icon
Release of Corroded
Parts by Freeze Shock
Surface Cleaner icon
Surface Cleaner


  • Loosens rusted, corroded and seized parts by thermal freeze shock effect
  • Diffuses directly into the rust by capillary force
  • 360° valve spray system can be used at any angle


  • For the release of rusted and corroded parts
  • Facilitates maintenance of seized components in tools, machines and vehicles

Always use glasses and gloves when applying adhesives.


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