16 December 2021

CASE STUDY: Increasing Efficiencies, Safety and Reliability With Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives

Automated robotic system with the Bond2Bond product


Automated robotic systems are fundamental components of modern-day production lines - helping brand owners and manufacturers to maximize quality, output and profits. They also facilitate flexibility and scalability while relieving employees from monotonous or unhealthy tasks. 

But careful assembly and regular maintenance of robotic equipment is essential to guarantee reliability, minimize downtime and ensure safe operation.

Bostik’s Born2Bond Engineering Adhesives range encompasses multiple solutions intended for assembly, as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) applications – making them ideally suited to the construction, installation and ongoing maintenance of robotic systems.


Leading robotics supplier VASMA Robotics provides design, assembly and maintenance of robotic systems,‘grippers’, and programming solutions to manufacturers from a wide range of industry sectors, including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, and automotive – covering a multitude of applications.

Its offering covers conception and construction through to integration and assembly, with over 100 existing robot models available from leading global partners. Featuring many moving parts and complex components, these robots are often used within highly-demanding end-use environments involving vibration, heat, and humidity, where failure is not an option. 

Two reoccurring challenges for VASMA Robotics included the reliable mounting of industrial robots within automotive and assembly segments, which involve heavy and fast-moving arms with pneumatic fittings –and the fixation of stainless and zinc-coated bolts within conveyor belts, which are fast-moving and subject to heavy vibration. Having trialled multiple mechanical fastening solutions, including wedge-lock washers, VASMA Robotics was keen to establish a more reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution.


Following a visit from a member of Bostik’s Born2Bond technical team in which multiple solutions from the Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives range were trialled, VASMA Robotics found Born2Bond Threadlocking and Pipe Sealing Adhesives, and Service Products to be the ideal solution to the challenges faced. 

Filling and sealing all voids, these single component adhesives provide 100% surface-to-surface contact, achieving a cohesive, durable connection that will not fail even when subjected to vibration, extreme temperatures or chemical substances. Suitable for new installations as well as preventative maintenance post assembly, the solutions eliminate the cost and inconvenience of holding an extensive inventory of mechanical fasteners such as spring washers, and sealing alternatives such as PTFE tapes.

Delivering on a commitment to create solutions that are safer for users and better for the environment, Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives are not solvent based and selected grades are NSF certified.


Born2Bond Threadlocking
& Pipe Sealing
  • 100% connection – no loosening
  • Vibration resistant
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Single component
  • Variety of viscosities and strengths
  • Suitable for active and passive metals
  • Convenient packaging for manual and semi-automatic applications
    Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesive grades selected
    • TA-22 - Low Strength Threadlocker
    • TA-43 - Medium Strength Threadlocker
    • TA-70 - High Strength Threadlocker
    • TA-90 - Wicking Grade Threadlocker for Post-Assembly
    • PA-42 - Medium Strength Liquid Pipe Sealant
    • PA-77 - Medium Strength Thixotropic/Gel Pipe Sealant

    Further to the products above, VASMA Robotics has utilized Born2Bond Service Products, such as Born2Bond 6-in-1 Lubricant, to keep moving parts operating correctly – and Born2Bond Anaerobic Activator, to accelerate and support anaerobic adhesive curing on passive metals.

    It is also testing Born2Bond’s new WL Anaerobic Adhesives range, which is specially designed to enhance the work environment and ease the EHS assessment of a new product without compromise on performance.

    After replacing mechanical fastening solutions with Born2Bond Threadlocking and Pipe Sealing products, VASMA Robotics has been able to:

    • Increase reliability of equipment and reduce downtime
    • Extend component life
    • Reduce costs
    • Reduce storage requirements

        Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives and Service Products are also expected to become part of VASMA Robotics’ Repair Kit, supplied to customers for on-site maintenance, repair and overhaul applications.

        Contact us today to find out how Born2Bond can help solve your complex product assembly challenges.

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