04 February 2022

Meet Bostik's Engineering Adhesives team... Stephen Edwards

Stephen Edwards profile

Introducing Stephen Edwards, Business Director of Engineering Adhesives, Bostik Asia…

1) Hi Stephen, can you please give us an overview of your background and how you ended up in your current role?

Stephen: Certainly. I began my career as a Technical Service Chemist in 1990 and since then have held a very wide range of positions spanning technical support, production, quality control, operations, business development, and sales and marketing – working within the fields of specialty chemicals and CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers).

My career has taken me all over the world, including Europe, USA, and Asia – but I’m currently based in Hong Kong, where I run Bostik’s Engineering Adhesives division in APAC.

2) What are your key responsibilities?

Stephen: Having supported with the launch of Bostik’s Engineering Adhesives division and the Born2Bond sub-brand three years ago, I am now responsible for the development and growth of the business within APAC – ensuring we’re consistently developing and delivering products that address the requirements of modern-day product design and assembly across the world’s most advanced industries.

One of my major focuses is on helping our customers capitalize on the significant advancements brought about by Industry 4.0 - supporting them as they transition to ‘smart’ factories, which require high-precision, automated applications of adhesives using robotic dispensing machines. This is especially true of the electronics industry where we’re heavily involved in the production of many advanced products such as audio equipment, wearable devices and automotive electronics systems.

3) What do you enjoy about your role within the Born2Bond team?

Stephen: I enjoy many aspects of my role, but I’d have to say it’s the variety of projects I’m involved in and the opportunity to work alongside such a talented team.

For example, I’m currently working on a project to support the next generation of smart watches using our UV-CIPG Gasketing solutions, while also working on an initiative with the High Performance Polymer division of Bostik’s parent company, Arkema, focused on delivering both adhesive and specialty polymer plastic solutions to customers in the AR/VR space. It’s this kind of variety that keeps me highly motivated.

As for our teams - over the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure to work with many colleagues across all functions from concept stage through to delivery. It has been fantastic working with such a diverse and skilled group of people who are committed to delivering unique, next-generation products to the market.

As a new and highly-agile division, we operate more like a start-up, but with the backing of one of the largest and most-reputable adhesives brands in the world. I find this very exciting, as it means we’re often at the forefront of new technologies and solutions.

4) What initiative or project are you most proud of since joining the Born2Bond team?

Stephen: We recently launched a patented dual-cure Instant Adhesive product called ‘Light Lock’ which can be cured within seconds when exposed to light as well as in “shadow” areas through “moisture cure”. It also has low odor, so helps to improve the working environments of those who apply it. I’m extremely proud of the hard work and innovation behind this solution and am really looking forward to introducing more products like this, that not only raise the bar in terms of performance, but safety too.

2022 is set to be a very busy year for us, with many trade shows, customer events, projects, and product launches planned – so watch this space!

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