25 May 2022

Meet Bostik's Engineering Adhesives team... Arnau Pejoan

Arnau Pejoan profile

Introducing Arnau Pejoan, R&D Team Leader, Engineering Adhesives

1) Hi Arnau, can you please give us an overview of your background and how you arrived at your current role?

Arnau: Sure. I’m a chemist with ten years of experience in the field of cyanoacrylate adhesives. I worked for around six years as a Research & Development (R&D) technician and later became Head of Product Development at Afinitica Technologies, in Spain.

In 2018, when Afinitica was acquired by Bostik, I moved to France to work in Bostik’s main R&D center as Engineering Adhesives R&D Team Leader. It’s been an interesting journey from working with a start-up company like Afinitica to being at the heart of R&D in an impressive company like Bostik.

2) What are your key responsibilities?

Arnau: As R&D Team Leader I manage the development of cyanoacrylate-based products for the Engineering Adhesives market. My team and I work closely with all the Business Development, Operations and Quality Control teams. The Business Development team let us know what the market needs, and we develop the prototypes to fit those needs. Once a prototype is technically validated, we work with the Operations and Quality Control teams on the production side of things. Being part of the whole process is extremely rewarding.

3) What do you enjoy about your role within the Born2Bond team?

Arnau: I am particularly happy working in the Born2Bond team as it has allowed me to be closer to the market reality. The Engineering Adhesives market was quite new to me, and in my previous roles I was not so exposed to the applications of our products. In my current role I’m always thinking about how our products could be improved to fit real customer applications in diverse industries and I enjoy being able to use my knowledge of cyanoacrylates to add value to our products.

It is very gratifying to see how the ideas we bring to customer projects translate into real products and solutions sold worldwide.

4) What initiatives or projects are you most proud of since joining the Born2Bond team?

Arnau: I have been working with cyanoacrylates since 2013, so I’ve been involved with most of the products that have been developed for the last ten years. I am really proud to see how all these products under the Born2Bond brand are meeting the needs of various markets with new and innovative applications. I see "my kids" growing and expanding their reach, which makes it a lovely project to be involved in!

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