Über Born2Bond

New engineering adhesives from Bostik

Engineering Adhesives for the Modern World

Born2Bond is a new range of innovative engineering adhesives that has been specifically developed to address the requirements of contemporary product design and assembly. Offering ‘by-the-dot’ bonding applications that can be used in mass production, Born2Bond provides ground-breaking adhesives for some of the world’s most advanced industries, including automotive, electronics, general assemblyluxury goods, medical devices and MRO.

In developing the range, we work closely with designers, engineers and managers to ensure it encompasses the specialist formulations and also the dispensing equipment they need. The name Born2Bond reflects our products and purpose as well as this essential collaboration with our customers.



  • Mehrere F&E-Teams mit hohem Sachverstand im Bereich Formulierungen
  • Innovative Klebelösungen und Anwendungsverfahren
  • Fortschrittliche Produktionsverfahren


  • Engagierter Support durch Engineering und Technischen Service
  • Hochentwickelte Formulierungen

Sicherheit und Nachhaltigkeit

  • Energiesparende Produktionsprozesse
  • Sicherere Produkte
  • Größerer Anwenderkomfort

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